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Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey: FAQs + Books Like It

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

He-falls-first. Love it. Marriage of convenience. Count me in. Small-town romance. Can't get enough of them. Enemies-to-lovers. Meh. The thing about books with the enemies-to-lovers trope is that when the banter isn't done well, it's just cringe and puts a damper on the whole experience.

Fortunately, Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey is a prime example of an enemies-to-lovers romance with legitimately funny banter (in my humble opinion). It made the book better, not worse. (Kindle | Kobo | Paperback)

Now, if you've ended up here, you're likely looking for one of two things. You either want answers to the questions you have about the book or are looking for books like Unfortunately Yours to read next. In either case, I've got you covered. Just keep reading. (Warning: This article contains spoilers)

Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey

What Is the Book Unfortunately Yours About?

Tessa Bailey's book, Unfortunately Yours, is about Napa Valley's wine heiress, Natalie Vos', and Navy SEAL-turned-Vintner, August Cates' marriage which starts out as a ploy to help them both get what they need financially but eventually turns into real love. It features the marriage of convenience, small-town, enemies-to-lovers, and he-falls-first tropes. Here's the official description:

"After losing her job and her fiancé in one fell swoop, Natalie Vos returned home to lick her wounds. A few months later, she's sufficiently drowned her sorrows in cabernet and she's ready to get back on her feet. She just needs her trust fund to finance her new business venture. Unfortunately, the terms require she marry before she can have the money. And well, dumped, remember? But Natalie is desperate enough to propose to a man who makes her want to kill him--and kiss him, in equal measure.

August Cates may own a vineyard, but he doesn't know jack about making wine. He's determined to do his late best friend proud, no matter what it takes. Except his tasting room is empty, his wine is disgusting (seriously, he once saw someone gag), and his buddy's legacy is circling the drain. No bank will give him the loan he needs to turn the business around... and then the gorgeous, feisty heiress knocks on his door. Natalie has haunted his dreams since the moment they met, but their sizzling chemistry immediately morphed into simmering insults.

Now, a quickie marriage could help them both. A sham wedding, a few weeks living under the same roof, and then they can go their separate ways--assuming they make it out alive. How hard could it be? There's just one thing they didn't account for: their unfortunate, unbearable, undeniable attraction."

How Long Does It Take to Read Unfortunately Yours?

How Long to Read estimates that it will take the average reader approximately 6 hours and 22 minutes to read Unfortunately Yours.

Can Unfortunately Yours Be Read as a Standalone?

A Vine Mess Series in Order by Tessa Bailey

Even though Unfortunately Yours is technically the second book in Tessa Bailey's A Vine Mess series, it can absolutely be read as a standalone. That's because each book focuses on a different couple and you don't need to have read the other to understand what's happening. If you do wish to read A Vine Mess series in order though, here is the order to follow:

  1. Secretly Yours - Julian and Hallie

  2. Unfortunately Yours - Natalie and August

What Are the Spicy Chapters in Unfortunately Yours?

If you're hoping that Unfortunately Yours is as spicy as Secretly Yours was before it, or as just about any other Tessa Bailey book is, you'll be pleased to know that it is, in fact, spicy. The spicy chapters are chapters 9, 15, 19, 22, and 25.

How Old Are Natalie and August?

In Unfortunately Yours, Natalie Vos is 30 years old and August Cates is 35 years old. This means there is a five-year age gap between the two.

Does Unfortunately Yours Have a Happy Ending?

Yes - Unfortunately Yours does have a happy ending! After August falls asleep at Sam's grave and misses the appointment Natalie got him to reapply for a loan, Natalie goes to her family winery to cool off. Unfortunately, when she arrives she finds her mother and brother meeting with the aerial winery mapping company without her. Devastated by seemingly being rejected by all the people she loves, Natalie leaves for the investor meeting in New York. August finds out and pieces together what upset her, so he takes off after her. He meets her at the bar where the meeting is happening and walks her back to her hotel. He tells her he won't come up to her room though because he knows this is the end for him. Natalie assures August that he is mistaken and that she's coming back home to St. Helena for good.

Not long after arriving back home, August's commanding officer accidentally tells Natalie about his investment. Thinking she'd be upset, August goes to apologize to Natalie. Instead, she admits her father gave her an out of the marriage on their wedding day. So, in the end, they both got married because they wanted to, not because they were forced to.

Eight years later, we find out that August and Natalie got married, had three daughters together, and are successfully running the Zelnick Winery.

5 Books Like Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey

Are you looking for other books like Unfortunately Yours to read next? If so, here are five similar books that have the marriage of convenience trope.

Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan

1. Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan

While it might not be an enemies-to-lovers per se, Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan is a marriage of convenience romance like Unfortunately Yours in a lot of other ways. Just read the description and you'll see what I mean: "Kira is desperate. She must get married, and fast, in order to access her inheritance. Otherwise, she'll find herself at the mercy of her wealthy, abusive father. With little money and even fewer options, she uses her quick wit and impulsive heart to come up with a plan. Grayson is losing hope. A convicted felon with limited capital and dwindling resources, his vow to resurrect his family's struggling vineyard seems destined to fail. That is, until a young woman enters his office with an outlandish proposal―a win-win business marriage he can't refuse. But what begins as a temporary arrangement soon threatens to become more, as vibrant, spirited Kira challenges detached, arrogant Grayson to want more from life. As their wills clash and fiery passion ignites, the two realize that sometimes the past creates walls too difficult to climb, and lies and deception rarely precede a happily ever after."

Marriage for One by Ella Maise

2. Marriage for One by Ella Maise

Like Unfortunately Yours, Ella' Maise's book, Marriage for One, is about a couple who gets married for business/financial reasons but end up falling in love after learning the truth about one another. Here's the description of it: "Jack and I, we did everything backward. The day we met was the day he proposed. I was a complete stranger who had never even heard of him. A stranger who had been dumped by her fiancé only weeks before. You'd think I'd laugh in his face, but instead, he talked me into a business deal…erm, I mean marriage. After we got married, he didn't talk much, but anyone can string a few words together. His actions spoke the loudest to me. And day after day my heart started to get a mind of its own. One second he was no one. The next he became everything. One second he was unattainable. The next he seemed to be completely mine. One second I thought we were in love. The next it was still nothing but a lie."

Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid

3. Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid

When I came across Penny Reid's book, Marriage of Inconvenience, I knew it would make it onto this list of books like Unfortunately Yours. What pushed me over the edge was the fact it is so highly rated and positively reviewed on GoodReads. If I can't sell you on reading it, those reviews definitely will. Here's what it's about: "Being a billionaire heiress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Determined to live a quiet life, Kat Tanner changed her identity years ago and eschewed her family’s legacy. But now, Kat’s silver spoon past has finally caught up with her, and so have her youthful mistakes. To avoid imminent disaster, she has to get married - immediately Fortunately, she knows exactly who to ask. Dan O’Malley checks all the boxes: single, romantically indifferent to her, completely trustworthy. Sure, she might have a wee little crush on him, but with clear rules and a legally binding contract, Kat is certain she can make it through with her sanity—and heart—all in one piece. Or so she thinks..."

With You Forever by Chloe Liese

4. With You Forever by Chloe Liese

The final marriage of convenience romance I'm going to recommend is With You Forever by Chloe Liese. Based on how it's described by GoodReads, I'm positive it will make the perfect follow-up read to Unfortunately Yours. Here's what they said about it exactly: "With You Forever is a sunshine and grump, marriage of convenience romance about a shy artist on the autism spectrum, and a smiley smartypants who has a chronic IBD. Complete with combustible cooking lessons, interfering family and friends, and a steamy slow burn, this standalone is the fourth in a series of novels about a Swedish-American family of five brothers, two sisters, and their wild adventures as they each find happily ever after." In other words, if you end up loving this book, there's more just like it, which might be nice seeing as Unfortunately Yours was seemingly the end of A Vine Mess series.

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

5. It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

No, this book isn't a marriage of convenience. I chose it for another reason. That reason is like Natalie in Unfortunately Yours, the female character in It Happened One Summer is grappling between staying in her hometown for love and returning to where she *thinks* she belongs. Plus, both books are by Tessa Bailey, so they're definitely going to feel similar. If you haven't heard of this book before, here's what it's about: "When too much champagne and an out-of-control rooftop party lands Piper Bellinger in jail, her stepfather sends Piper and her sister to learn some responsibility running their late father’s dive bar... in Westport, Washington. When she arrives, she meets big, bearded sea captain Brendan, who thinks she won’t last a week outside of Beverly Hills. The fun-loving socialite and the gruff fisherman are polar opposites, but there’s an undeniable attraction simmering between them. Piper doesn’t want any distractions, yet as she reconnects with her past and begins to feel at home in Westport, Piper starts to wonder if the cold, glamorous life she knew is what she truly wants. LA is calling her name, but Brendan—and this town full of memories—may have already caught her heart."


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