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The Fine Print by Lauren Asher: FAQs + Books Like It

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The Fine Print by Lauren Asher was on my to-be-read list for months before I finally picked it up. The reason? I couldn't quite get on board with the theme park aspect. It didn't take long for me to be proven wrong though. In the end, I loved how the book was equally fun and whimsical as it was smutty and spicy. Could there be a better combo? (Kindle | Paperback)

Now that I've finished the book, I'm able to answer some of the questions I've seen pop up most often about it, as well as recommend five other books like The Fine Print for you to read next. (Warning: This article contains spoilers)

The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

What Is The Fine Print About?

The Fine Print by Lauren Asher is a grumpy-sunshine, work romance book about Zahra Gulian and Rowan Kane. Upon Rowan's grandfather's passing, each grandson is given a specific task they must do in order to earn their inheritance. For Rowan, his grandfather states that he must return to the Dreamland theme park as its Director for six months, in order to find the part of him that once was a dreamer and a creative. At Dreamland, he meets and falls in love with the passionate and bubbly, Zahra Gulian, who worked closely with his grandfather before his passing. Of course, the feelings he develops for Zahra cause him a great deal of turmoil as it forces him to face the hard truth of the businessman he's become and decide if it's who he wants to be going forward.

Is The Fine Print Smutty? What Are the Spicy Chapters?

Yes - The Fine Print is smutty! The spicy chapters, if you're looking for them, are chapters 30, 34, 39, and 51.

How Long Does It Take to Read The Fine Print?

According to How Long to Read, it will take the average reader approximately 5 hours and 43 minutes to read The Fine Print.

Is The Fine Print Part of a Series?

Yes - The Fine Print is part of the Dreamland Billionarie's series by Lauren Asher, which currently has three books in it:

  1. The Fine Print - Rowan and Zahra

  2. Terms and Conditions - Declan and Iris

  3. Final Offer - Callahan and Allana

Lauren Asher Dreamland Billionaires Series Books in Order

How Old Are Zahra and Rowan?

In The Fine Print, we are told that Zahra Gulian is 23 years old, however, we are not given Rowan's exact age. His oldest brother, Declan Zane, is 36 though, so I would estimate he's in his mid-twenties to early thirties.

Does The Fine Print Have a Happy Ending?

Yes - The Fine Print has a happy ending! After breaking up with Zahra, Rowan quickly realizes he has made a mistake and announces to his brothers his intention to stay as the Director of Dreamland in Florida permanently. Zahra is then notified she will be part of the group to attend Rowan's presentation and vote on his plan. She is highly impressed by Rowan's presentation, as is everyone else, and he successfully fulfills his grandfather's task. The two later reunite and make up. Three years later, they are married and expecting their first child.

5 Books Like The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

Are you looking for a book like The Fine Print to read next? If so, here are my top five recommendations for books with either the grumpy sunshine or work romance trope.

Twisted Love by Ana Huang

1. Twisted Love by Ana Huang

While Rowan Kane is definitely grumpy, he's not nearly as grumpy as Alex Volkov in Twisted Love by Ana Huang. Plus, Twisted Love is the first book in the fantastic four-part Twisted series if you're looking to get lost in another series. If you haven't read this book, here's a brief summary to give you an idea of what it's about: "Alex Volkov is driven by a tragedy that has haunted him for most of his life, his ruthless pursuits for success and vengeance leave little room for matters of the heart. That is until he's asked to look after his best friend’s free-spirited sister, Ava Chen. The love between them was never supposed to happen - but when it does, it unleashes secrets that could destroy them both."

Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

2. Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

Early on in my reading of The Fine Print, I knew Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey had to be on this list. Not only is this book a work romance between the boss and an employee, but it's also a grumpy sunshine. In this case, though, the roles are reversed as he's the sunshine and she's the grumpy one. Here's what the book is about; Stella just got out of prison which means her dream of designing window displays on Fifth Avenue in New York City can never happen. That is until she meets Aiden, who just happens to be the General Manager of one of the stores and is willing to overlook her past to give her a chance at her dream job. As the two begin to work together though, their feelings and attraction towards one another grow until they can't deny them anymore.

Love on the Brain Ali Hazelwood

3. Love on the Brain Ali Hazelwood

In the enemies-to-lovers work romance, Love on the Brain, we leave the world of theme parks and enter the world of STEM at NASA. What makes these two books similar in my books is how similar Levi is to Rowan in The Fine Print. Both main men admire the female main characters at work, support them, and stand up for them. It's so freakin' sweet. Here's a short summary of the book: "Levi made his feelings toward Bee very clear in grad school - archenemies work best employed in their own galaxies far, far away. But when Bee's equipment starts to go missing and the staff ignores her, Levi softens into an ally, backs her plays, seconds her ideas, and devours her with those eyes. The possibilities have all her neurons firing."

Praise by Sara Cate

4. Praise by Sara Cate

How do you feel about reading a bit of a darker romance compared to The Fine Print? If you're up for it, then you might want to give Praise by Sara Cate a try. It's still a work romance, but also so much more: "Broken down and wounded by an emotionally neglectful ex, Charlie wants someone to tell her she's good enough. Then, she stumbles into a new job with a boss who brings her to her knees—literally. He has her do things a real secretary would never do. Emerson Grant tells her she's more than just good enough. She's worthy of his praise. There are a million reasons why Charlie should stay away. The owner of the Salacious Players’ Sex Club is not just her boss, he’s twice her age and her ex-boyfriend’s father."

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

5. Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

I try not to recommend two books by the same author, but sometimes the similarities are just too good to pass up. Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey is a great example of that. Just read this description of the couple at the center of the book and you'll quickly see why I picked it as a book like The Fine Print: "On sabbatical from his ivy league job, Julian meets and gets caught in the orbit of the estate's gardener, Hallie. Like the flowers she plants, Hallie is a burst of color in Julian’s grayscale life. For a man who irons his socks and runs on tight schedules, her sunny chaotic energy makes zero sense and yet he can't seem to stay away."


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