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Praise by Sara Cate: FAQs + Books Like It

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

After reading two closed-door romances in a row (aka books with little to no spice), I was desperate to get my grubby little hands on one that was really, truly spicy. Fortunately, I knew exactly which book would do the job - Praise by Sara Cate. (Kindle | Paperback)

Now, if you're here, it's either because you have questions about the book or because you've finished it, enjoyed it, and are looking for other books like Praise to read next. If that sounds about right, then keep scrolling because you'll find all of that below. (Warning: This article contains spoilers)

Praise by Sara Cate

What is Praise by Sara Cate About?

The book Praise by Sara Cate is a spicy romance about a dominant-submissive relationship between a 21-year-old assistant and her boss, the owner of a sex club who also just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend's father and 19 years her senior. If that sounds just crazy enough for you to be intrigued, check out the official description will help give you a better sense of what you're in for:

"Broken down and wounded by my emotionally neglectful ex, I wanted someone to tell me I was good enough. Then, I stumbled into a new job with a boss who brings me to my knees - literally. He has me do things a real secretary would never do. Emerson Grant tells me I’m more than just good enough. I’m worthy of his praise. There are a million reasons why I should stay away. The owner of the Salacious Players’ Club is not just my new boss, he’s twice my age. And my ex-boyfriend’s father. With him, I am treasured. I am adored. I am his. Emerson Grant knows what he wants - me. Now the question is, how far will I go to hear his approval?"

How Long Does It Take to Read Praise?

It will take the average reader approximately 5 hours and 39 minutes to read Praise, according to How Long to Read.

Is Praise Spicy? What Are the Spicy Chapters?

Yes - Praise is a spicy romance! But it's not just your average so-so-spicy romance. Like if books were rated on the same scale chicken wings are rated on, Praise would be in the red. Speaking of which, if you're looking for the spicy chapters in Praise, skip to chapters 15, 17, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 35, 38, and 39.

Is Praise by Sara Cate Part of a Series?

Yes - Praise is the first book in Sara Cate's Salacious Player's Club series which currently has six books. This is one of those series though that focuses on a different couple in each book, so if you want to read one as a standalone, it would be fairly easy to do so. On the other hand, if you want to read the Salacious Player's Club series in order then here's the order to follow:

  1. Praise - Emerson and Charlotte

  2. Eyes On Me - Garrett and Mia

  3. Give Me More - Drake, Hunter, and Isabel

  4. Mercy - Maggie and Beau

  5. Highest Bidder - Ronan and Daisy

  6. Madame - Eden, Clay, and Jade

Sara Cate Salacious Player's Club Series Books In Order

How Old Are Emerson and Charlotte? What Is the Age Gap?

In Praise, Emerson Grant is 40 years old and Charlotte Underwood is 21 years old. This means there is a 19-year age gap between Emerson and Charlotte.

Is Praise by Sara Cate Being Turned Into A Movie?

Yes - Praise is being turned into a movie! On March 8, 2023, Kiss and Tale Productions released a statement confirming that they purchased the film rights to the book and are currently working with Sara Cate to adapt it into a screenplay.

Does Praise Have a Happy Ending?

Yes - Praise has a happy ending! After being caught together by Beau, Emerson and Charlotte break up. During their time apart, Charlotte visits the Salacious Players Club alone and is propositioned by Eden to go to a room together, which will make Emerson jealous. Charlotte accepts and as expected, Emerson bursts in. Charlotte tells Emerson it's not enough and leaves. He knows what will be though, so he meets with Beau and tells him he can't stop seeing Charlotte because he loves her.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's estranged father shows up at her house accusing her of being a prostitute because someone he works with saw her at the auction. Things escalate and Sophie calls Emerson for help. He shows up to break up the argument but Charlotte's father turns his anger on Emerson. As it turns out, Beau was with Emerson when he got the call from Sophie and he interrupts to stand up for his dad.

In the end, Emerson and Charlotte get back together. Beau can see how much they love each other and decides to accept it. We even get to see them all hanging out together as a family - Charlotte, her mom, Sophie, Emerson, and Beau.

5 Books Like Praise by Sara Cate

Whether it was the forbidden romance, age gap, or dominant-submissive elements that made you love this book by Sara Cate, you'll be happy to find out that there are other books like Praise. In fact, here are my top five recommendations for similar books to check out next.

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

1. Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

Not only is Penelope Douglas' forbidden age-gap romance, Birthday Girl, a lot like Praise, but it's also a hit among past readers with over 200,000 GoodReads ratings and an average score of nearly 4 out of 5. If you haven't heard of it before, here's what it's about: "I took her in because I thought I was helping. As the days go by, though, it’s becoming anything but easy. I have to stop my mind from drifting to her and stop holding my breath every time I bump into her in the house. I can’t touch her, and I shouldn’t want to. But we’re not free to give into this. She’s 19. I’m 38. And her boyfriend’s father. Unfortunately, they both just moved into my house."

Empire of Lust by J.L. Beck

2. Empire of Lust by J.L. Beck

Forbidden romance? Check. Taboo age-gap? Check. Dominance and praise? Double check. While I could easily be talking about Praise, I'm actually talking about Empire of Lust by J.L. Beck. If that has your interest piqued, keep reading the description and you'll see just how similar the two books really are: "At sixteen years old I fell for the wrong man. A ruthless billionaire. A dangerous villain. My best friend's father. Callum Torrio. At 21, I gave up hope that he would ever notice me. After all, he’s 20 older than me and an arms dealer for the mob. But then one night everything changes. He brings every fantasy I've ever had to life. He's not only dominant and possessive, but he praises and worships me too. But Callum has dark secrets, and a past that refuses to let go. I knew he was a bad man but I never would have anticipated this…"

Owned by Fate by Tessa Bailey

3. Owned by Fate by Tessa Bailey

I know Tessa Bailey can write one hell of a spicy chapter but I'm used to her books like Secretly Yours, Fix Her Up, and Window Shopping. So, when I found out that she wrote a darker romance and that it was very similar to Praise, I had to include it. Here's what Owned by Fate by Tessa Bailey is about: "Journalist Caroline Preston arrives at Serve, New York City’s hottest BDSM club, with one goal - to hate it. Everything changes though when she meets the owner of the club, Jonah Briggs. While Caroline has no intention of entering that particular lion’s den, every encounter makes her crave more, and with every slide of his lips, she realizes Jonah might just be the man to break down all her defenses…if she’ll let him."

Unfurl by Elodie Hart

4. Unfurl by Elodie Hart

When I saw that the first two reviews for Unfurl by Elodie Hart both referenced the Salacious Player's Club series and praised it as a great follow-up, I was sold. Once you read the description, I think it becomes pretty clear how much these two books have in common and why past readers recommend it so highly: "My new neighbor is the kind of beautiful that could bring a man to his knees. But she’s 22. Fourteen years younger than me. That’s too young. I've vowed to stay away. Until she comes to me for help. She has something to dispose of and as it turns out, I have something she wants. The club I run for discerning adults. More specifically, women just like Belle. A programme that will unfurl the parts of her she’s denied until now. It seems I may not be the only one falling to my knees, after all."

Aden by B.L. Brooks

5. Aden by B.L. Brooks

Last but not least, I have one final forbidden age-gap romance book like Praise to recommend to you. Aden by B.L. Brooks might be lesser known than a Penelope Douglas or Tessa Bailey book, but if the reviews are anything to go by, it's just as good. Here's what it's about exactly: "Despite knowing she’s off-limits, I can’t help myself. Casey Jones is everything right in the world.

There’s just one problem… she’s my daughter’s best friend. Making her wrong as hell for me. Though it may not be enough to stop a man of my caliber from taking a risk. With little Casey Jones all grown up and entering her freshman year of college, I fight the temptation to cross a line that could forever destroy the relationship with my daughter—the only constant in my life. But can I ignore my heart and head for good? I’m sure as hell not betting on it."


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