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Powerless by Elsie Silver: FAQs + Books Like It

When I do a deep dive into a series, like I'm currently doing with Elsie Silver's Chestnut Springs series, I like who each book will be about. That way I can watch out for the little clues and teasers about them in the other books. Needless to say after the first two books, I was dying to get to Jasper's story in Powerless. (Kindle | Paperback)

Whether or not you felt the same, you're likely here now either because you have questions about the book or because you read the book, loved it, and are hoping to find more books like Powerless to dive into next. If that sounds about right, keep scrolling and you'll find all of that below. (Warning: This article contains spoilers)

Powerless by Elsie Silver

What Is the Book Powerless by Elsie Silver About?

The third book in the Chestnut Springs series, Powerless, is about Jasper Gervais and Sloane Winthrop, two childhood friends who grew up together who end up falling in love as adults. Here is the full description:

"Two childhood friends. Two broken hearts. One impromptu road trip to get away from everything. That’s all this was supposed to be. Afterall, I’ve been living in the friend zone for years now.

But hockey heartthrob Jasper Gervais isn’t looking at me like a friend anymore. And he isn’t touching me like one either. To his fans, he’s the handsome, talented athlete on TV. But to me he’s still the lost boy with sad eyes and a heart of gold. The man I’ve loved in secret for years. So when my life falls apart on my wedding day, it only makes sense that he’s the one to swoop in and save me. And when his world comes crashing down around him, I’m there to return the favor.

Now the more time we spend alone, the more Jasper doesn’t feel like a friend at all. He feels like everything I’ve ever wanted and thought I could never have. Our feelings aren’t straight forward though. They twist and turn around the pain of his past and the reality of my present. Jasper Gervais acts like he wants me. But after years of turning me away, he’s going to need to prove it."

Is Powerless Spicy? What are the Spicy Chapters?

Yes - Just like the rest of the books in the Chestnut Springs series, Powerless is spicy! The spicy chapters are chapters 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 29, and 32.

How Long Does It Take to Read Powerless?

It will take the average reader approximately 5 hours to read Powerless by Elsie Silver.

Is Powerless Part of a Series? Can It Be Read as a Standalone?

Yes - Powerless is part Elsie Silver's Chestnut Springs series. Though because each book in the series focuses on a different couple, it can easily be read as a standalone if you so wish. In any case, here is the official order of the books in the Chestnut Springs series.

  1. Flawless (Rhett and Summer)

  2. Heartless (Cade and Willa)

  3. Powerless (Jasper and Sloane)

  4. Reckless (Theo and Winter)

  5. Hopeless (Beau and Bailey)

  6. *A Photo Finish (Violet and Cole)

*As you can tell from the title, Violet Eaton's story is not a part of the Chestnut Springs series; it's the second book in the Gold Rush Ranch series. Despite it being part of another series, you can get away with reading it as a standalone.

Elsie Silver Chestnut Springs Series in Order

How Old Are Jasper and Sloane? What Is the Age Difference?

In Powerless, Jasper Gervais is 34 years old and Sloane Winthrop is 28 yeas old. This means there is a 6-year age gap between the two.

Does Powerless Have a Happy Ending?

Yes - Powerless has a happy ending! After Sloane's performance in The Nutcracker, her parents show up backstage. Like he did six years prior, Sloane's father threatens to ruin Jasper's career in the NHL if he doesn't stay away from his daughter. On the way home in the car, Sloane tells Jasper he has to decide if being with her is worth potentially losing his career. He clams up and Sloane leaves, saying she can't always be the one to pick up the pieces when he falls apart. This time he has to do it himself.

During their time apart, Jasper tells his coach that Sloane's dad is threatening to come after him. His coach tells him he has his back and to go get the girl. Jasper then goes to the dinner Sloane has with her father. Sloane confronts her father, basically telling him to stick it, and leaves with Jasper. They confess their love and return to Chestnut Springs. A short while later, after winning the final Stanley Cup game, Jasper proposes and Sloane says yes. In the epilogue, Jasper and Sloane get married in her dream spring wedding on the ranch.

5 Books Like Powerless by Elsie Silver

If you're wondering if there are more books like Powerless - books that are steamy, swoon-worthy friends-to-lovers romances - I've got you covered. Here are five similar books worth checking out next.

Out of the Gate by Elsie Silver

1. Out of the Gate by Elsie Silver

This is just about as similar as it gets. Out of the Gate is also by Elsie Silver, though it's part of the Gold Rush Ranch series, the cast of which you met in Powerless on Jasper and Sloane's roadtrip to Violet's ranch. While a book so similar might not be for everyone, it's perfect for those looking for essentially a dupe. Here's the description: "Dermot Harding is ten years older than me. A family friend. An employee on my father’s ranch. But I’ve loved him as long as I can remember. At eighteen, I kissed him and he pushed me away. He said I was too young. The army took him from me for three long years, but now he’s back at Gold Rush Ranch - looking at me like he’s never looked at me before. And soon all our reasons for staying away from each other fall away, along with our clothes. He says he’s too old and too broken for someone like me. I put my pride on the line for him once before. Am I a fool to risk it again?"

Branded as Trouble by Lorelei James

2. Branded as Trouble by Lorelei James

Branded as Trouble by Lorelei James isn't just a friends-to-lovers romance like Powerless, it's also a western/cowboy romance. Plus, it's part of a series with 20+ books so if you end up enjoying it, you'll be busy for a good long while. Here's what it's about: "India Ellison is a walking advertisement for the tattoo shop she’s set up in a small Wyoming town, so she's used to comments about her colorful tats and hair. Still, she’s clean, sober, and gets to spends most of her free time with her best friend, Colt. Reformed bad boy Colt McKay never expected three years of sobriety to lead to three years of abstinence. Curbing his craving for booze is nothing compared to the ever-increasing yearning for his hot-tempered, hot-bodied best friend, India. Too bad she hasn’t a clue that Colt’s been in love with her since day one. After an unexpected, steamy encounter, all India can think about is riding the sexy cowboy as hard and fast as her motorcycle. But Colt is determined to show her a slower ride is worth the wait. The friendship that helped them conquer their pasts is about to be tested by their new addiction. Each other."

Final Offer by Lauren Asher

3. Final Offer by Lauren Asher

Unlike Jasper and Sloane who were childhood best friends that never crossed the line into something more, Cal and Lana in Final Offer by Lauren Asher did. So, while Final Offer is similar to Powerless, there's that added layer of complexity which should keep it interesting. Here's the description: "I’m the Kane brother everyone gossips about behind closed doors. Trust fund brat. Washed-up athlete. High-functioning alcoholic. No one knows the real me but her. Lana Castillo - my childhood best friend and the only woman I ever loved. When I broke her heart six years ago, I promised to never return to Lake Wisteria. I kept my word until my grandfather’s will changed everything. To receive my inheritance, I was tasked with spending a summer at the family lake house before selling it. The request was simple in theory until my entire plan blew up on the very first day. Turns out Lana doesn’t just live at the house, but she claims to own it, too."

To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

4. To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

Like Sloane in Powerless, the female main character in To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise, Olive, has had a crush on the boy who essentially lived with her family as a child as long as she can remember. It slightly different from Powerless though, in that the male main character wasn't Olive's childhood best friend, but her brother's. Here's what it's about: "Jason Thorn was my brother’s childhood friend and the first boy that crushed my little heart into pieces. I tried to stay away after that but it was hard seeing as he slept in the room right across from mine. Now, all these years later, he's a charming and handsome movie star. Do you think that’s dreamy? I certainly don’t think so. How about me coming face to face with him? Nope still not dreamy. Not when I can’t even manage to look him in the eye. Me? I’m Olive, the writer of the book that inspired the movie he is about to star in. As of late, I am also referred to as the oh-so-very-lucky girl who is about to become the wife of Jason Thorn. Maybe you’re thinking yet again that this is all so dreamy? Nope, nothing dreamy going on here."

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

5. Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

Last but not least, is a childhood friends-to-lovers romance from the author I can always count on for a story that's equal parts dreamy and spicy - Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey. Here's the description: "Hallie Welch fell for Julian Vos at fourteen, after they almost kissed in the dark vineyards of his family's winery. Now he's returned to their small town. But the grumpy professor isn't the teenager she remembers and their polar opposite personalities clash spectacularly. One wine-fueled girls' night later, Hallie leaves a drunken secret admirer letter for Julian. Oh shit. On sabbatical from his ivy league job, Julian plans to write a novel. But having Hallie gardening right outside his window is the ultimate distraction. She's eccentric, chronically late, often literally covered in dirt--and so unbelievably beautiful, he can't focus on anything else. Until he finds an anonymous letter sent by a woman from his past. Even as Julian wonders about this admirer, he's sucked further into Hallie's orbit. But there's something so familiar about her... and her very presence is turning his world upside down."


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