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Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert: FAQs + Books Like It

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I picked up Act Your Age, Eve Brown simply because I was looking for another boss-employee/grumpy-sunshine romance and this one had particularly good reviews. What I didn't expect was to be in awe of the representation. It immediately made me appreciate the book that much more, and from the looks of it, other readers felt the same. (Kindle | Kobo | Paperback)

Now that I've finished though, I'm here to answer a few commonly asked questions about the book, as well as provide a list of books like Act Your Age, Eve Brown to read next. (Warning: This article contains spoilers)

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

What Is Act Your Age, Eve Brown About?

Eve Brown has tried many jobs but has yet to stick to one for long. Frustrated by this, her parents cut her off until she proves she can hold a single job for a year. Upset from being called out, Eve drives until she unintentionally ends up in Skybriar's local bed and breakfast, Castell Cottage. There she finds that the owner, Jacob Wayne, is conducting interviews for a new chef and on a whim, Eve decides to give it a shot. While Jacob may be annoyed by her, he knows his options are limited and so he chases her down to offer her a trial. But then she hits him with her car and out of guilt, Eve agrees to help out in the B&B until he's healed. What she doesn't know is that the job is her dream job and her boss is her dream guy.

How Long Does It Take to Read Act Your Age, Eve Brown?

According to How Long to Read, it should take the average reader approximately 5 hours and 34 minutes to read Act Your Age, Eve Brown.

Is Act Your Age, Eve Brown a Spicy Book? What Are the Spicy Chapters?

Yes - Act Your Age, Eve Brown is a spicy book. While there aren't many spicy scenes, the ones we get in chapters 14 and 18 are pretty fantastic.

Is Act Your Age, Eve Brown Part of a Series? Can It Be Read As a Standalone?

While Act Your Age, Eve Brown is the final book in The Brown Sisters series by Talia Hibbert, it can absolutely be read as a standalone. I read it that way and didn't feel like I missed anything glaringly obvious. If you do wish to read the series though, here is the order of the books:

  1. Get a Life, Chloe Brown

  2. Take a Hint, Dani Brown

  3. Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Are Eve and Jacob Autistic in Act Your Age, Eve Brown?

Yes - Eve and Jacob are both on the autism spectrum. In an interview with BookPage, author Talia Hibbert, who also happens to be on the spectrum herself, had this to say about this element of the book: "This book is the first time I’ve written both leads as autistic, and it was very satisfying because it’s a pairing that makes sense to me. It also reflects the relationship I’m in personally. The one thing I’d say was unique was writing their similar experience of the world. They’re not treated the same: Jacob is a white man with a diagnosis, while Eve is a Black woman, and that’s a large part of why she isn’t diagnosed. That’s also why Eve has been forced to mask more and is better at socially masking than Jacob."

Does Act Your Age, Eve Brown Have a Happy Ending?

Yes - Act Your Age, Eve Brown has a happy ending! In the end, Eve and Jacob reunite and apologize to one another for the misunderstanding. At this point, Eve also acknowledges to Jacob that she knows she is on the autism spectrum like him. In the epilogue, they are the Gingerbread festival for the second year and are talking about getting engaged.

5 Books Like Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

Whether you like the boss-employee dynamic or the grumpy-sunshine trope we saw in Act Your Age, Eve Brown, here are five books like it to choose from for your next read:

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

1. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

There's a reason Lucy Score's book, Things We Never Got Over, is all over BookTok. Yes, it's a long read, but I promise it flies by. Plus, the boss-employee/grumpy-sunshine trope in it is just as good as what we saw in Act Your Age, Eve Brown. If you haven't heard anything about it yet, here's the idea: Naomi receives a distress call from her troubled sister but when she goes to her sister's aid, she finds out her sister has abandoned the 11-year-old niece she didn't know she had. Given that Naomi has run away from her wedding, she stays in town and becomes her niece's guardian. That's when Naomi meets Knox, a man who seems grumpy but keeps doing nice things for them. Is he as rough and tough as he would like her to believe?

Always Only You by Chloe Liese

2. Always Only You by Chloe Liese

Now that I've read Eve and Jacob's story, I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on other romance books with neurodiverse characters. To start, I'll be diving into Always Only You by Chloe Liese, who like Talia Hibbert, is on the spectrum and is writing books with characters on the spectrum to "destigmatize neurodiversity." Also, like Act Your Age, Eve Brown, it's a slow burn, opposites-attract, forbidden romance that contains spicy scenes.

Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

3. Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

I don't always love how boss-employee relationships are written in romance books, but Window Shopping was the exception, like Act Your Age, Eve Brown. In both books, I liked that the power imbalance wasn't icky and that the characters were fully aware of the lines they were crossing together. Also, it's a grumpy-sunshine romance. In this case, though, the roles are reversed - he's the sunshine and she's the grumpy-sullen one.

All the Feels by Olivia Dade

4. All the Feels by Olivia Dade

On my search for books like Act Your Age, Eve Brown, I came across this Reddit thread where @missisabella_r recommended reading an Olivia Dade book next. After reading the description and the reviews on GoodReads, I can see why. The same words I would use to describe Act Your Age, Eve Brown are the words other readers use in their reviews of All the Feels. For example, "They become good friends but keep their mutual attraction under wraps until she is no longer tied to him through her employment. Plus, we get fantastic fat rep. Dade does a fabulous job of being body-positive and letting Lauren be sexy without it becoming a weird fetish thing. And the BANTER! I love the banter so very much." See what I mean?

The Suite Spot by Trish Doller

5. The Suite Spot by Trish Doller

Like Act Your Age, Eve Brown, Trish Doller's book, The Suite Spot, is a book about two people who start as colleagues working in a hotel and eventually become something more. While this will feel similar to Act Your Age, Eve Brown, there are some differences that I think will keep it from feeling like a repeat. Here's a brief description: Rachel is a single mom who just got offered a management position at a brewery hotel across the country. Upon arriving with her daughter, Rachel meets Mason, who gives her the chance to help him build a hotel - and rebuild her own life - from the ground up.


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